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Permanent makeup of eyebrow method Microblading – permanent makeup method øyebryn i Oslo

The microblading method, also called “natural hair method”, is today’s most sought after method of permanent makeup in Oslo. It enables a complete change and restoration of the eyebrows, which guarantees a very natural look.

More specifically, pigments are inserted using micro-knives into the spinal column (stratum spinosum) in the epidermis.

With the rapid development of micropigmentation, modern appliances and pigments, permanent makeup can be done faster, more accurately and above all safely.

Microblading> The method involves drawing / tattooing a single eyebrow’s hair with pigments, and as close as possible to the natural eyebrows color. This method means that every eyebrow hair looks very natural, even close up.

Permanent makeup done with this method becomes softer and more subtle. But it requires an adjustments approx. One month after the first treatment, which is included in the price in our salon in Oslo.

Why does this need to be updated regularly?

With the color shading method we cover the entire surface of the brows, but with the microblading method, we only draw a single hair with a very thin needle and does not cover the entire surface of the eyebrow’s skin. Therefore, treatment and color intensity are less, but require more frequent refreshments.

This ” hair method ” is not only recommended for women. Due to the extremely natural effect of this permanent makeup method, it is also recommended for men who have lost or have significantly diluted eyebrows.

Microbladnings metoden krever en meget kort gjennomføringstid. Umiddelbart etter behandlingen, leges huden vanligvis raskt og hevelsene er minimale. Makeupen skreller av sammen med huden. Fordelene til denne fremgangsmåten, er uten tvil dens naturlige effekt.

The duration of the Microblowing method:

The average length of pigment maintenance is from a few months to 1.5-2 years depending on the skin type. Recommended consultation is once a year.

Aafter treatment care:

  • 5-10 days after application, the intensity of the tattoo, falls up to 50% of the original color.

  • Do not be alarmed by the effect you receive immediately after treatment. After the correction, the procedure is enhanced.

  • Do not use makeup on the skin that has been treated until 72 hours after treatment. Do not touch, water or rub the skin on the spot you have received treatment with pigment. The skin should be groomed with cosmetics recommended by skin care (salve Alantan Plus, Bepanthen).

  • The eyebrows should be moisturized / moisturized several times a day, especially the first 7 days, you should lubricate the pigment treated skin area with a thin layer, eg. Skin cream with vitamin A or alantan plus, Bepanthen ointment.

  • Permanent makeup treatment is always composedof twotreatments. From the first visit and to the required completion, it takes around 3-6 weeks.

  • The first 14 days after treatment must be avoided; Sauna, solarium, swimming pool, no itch and no use of irritating cosmetics based on alcohol.

After healing care

Do not let the skin dry out and avoid strong sunning of the pigmented skin, avoiding aggressive peeling in treated skin area. Always keep the skin moist.