Pålimte øyenvipper er veldig lette. Dette ekstremt milde produktet gir en følelse av komfort og sikkerhet for at applikasjonen ikke påvirker tilstanden til de naturlige vippene.

What is the secret Nouveau Lashes?

Nouveau Lashes to the most perfect method of extension, eyelash thickening and styling. The application is based on a precision appedned  each new natural  eyelashes to the entire length (using a one to one). This ensures exceptional durability treatment – normally coupled eyelash never does not come off, but falls along with natural eyelash (according to its life cycle). The method allows the elongation and thickening of the lashes up to fifty percent. The great advantage is that it allows you to forget about the existence of mascara. Procedure takes about 3 hours.

Look at styling Nouveau Lashes

Glued eyelashes are very light, they are made of polyester and silk fibers. This extremely gentle product gives a sense of comfort and assurance that your application does not affect the condition of natural lashes. Because eyelashes Nouveau Lashes are available in different lengths and thicknesses can be selected individually for each woman, and the result obtained after the treatment will always be natural. Creating unusual frame is easy with eyes colored eyelashes and additional styling elements (feathers, crystals). These lashes are extremely durable, lightweight, strong wind, and are always stacked neatly. The biggest advantage of the method is safe adhesive – odorless and completely safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

A few words about care after treatment:

To your lashes Nouveau Lashes are perfectly stable and well-groomed, keep the number of products for the care of Nouveau Lashes, which will guarantee the proper care of the eyelashes and allow you to extend the life of the application.

  • Fixative for a client – created to extend the life of the application, creates a protective coating, adhesive bond strengthens, maintains flexibility, available clear or black.
  • Noir mascara – mascara on the basis of water-resistant and smudge-resistant, designed specifically for the lower lashes (in exceptional cases, you can put me on the tip of the upper eyelashes).
  •  Cleansing Gel – a gentle oil-free gel cleanser designed specifically for eye lashes during extended wear.
  • Cleansing Wipes – practical and gentle water-based wipes; bezwłókienkowa easy make-up removal wipes structure when applied either lashes.
  •  Do not use an eyelash curler, which can break the lashes glued and natural, is not advisable to do perms and henna.
  • Proper care can enjoy the effects of the application until the natural lashes fall out, the normal life cycle is about 90 days


Bianca Gascoigne

 “My lashes look amazing! I can’t believe the difference!”


Laura Hamilton

I love the quality and natural look that Nouveau Lashes give especially as they last up to six weeks. These Nouveau Lashes make my life so much easier – especially when I’m abroad filming ‘A Place in the Sun’. I’m also so excited to have them for my wedding as they really do give eyes the wow factor.

British television presenter who particiapted in Dancing on Ice in 2011 and currently presents A Place in the Sun.

Sabrina Washington

  But Nouveau Lashes is capturing the UK’s imagination more than most: a phenomenon that’s being fuelled by the brand’s burgeoning celebrity following.

 The stars have been queuing up to treat themselves to the state-of-the-art, semi-permanent eyelash extension treatment that lengthens their lashes and defines their eyes. Just recently, Sabrina Washington

[picture], Michelle Keegan and Denise Welch had their lashes transformed by qualified Nouveau Lashes technicians.