“Since the Hawaiian culture and religion was founded on the principle of aloha – unconditional love and compassion – it was only natural that the healing techniques of the kahunas should follow suit.

“To Native Hawaiians, all of nature is imbued with the same living energy, or spirit, that is inherent in humans. They make no distinctions between alive or dead, animate or inanimate, conscious or unconscious. Consciousness, they believe, is everywhere, in everything: the rock on the shore, the wave on the ocean, the bird diving into the wave to catch the fish that ‘hears’.”

In the ancient Hawaiian tradition, the Kahuna lomi communicated with the spirits of the body. Each body part had its own consciousness, which in turn contributed to the collective that made up the larger consciousness of a person.”

Hawaiian Shamanism and the Aloha Way  by Ronayne Loderus

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