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Lash Extension Oslo

Lash Extension Oslo

Makia Oslo specializes in Lash treatments and currently offers four different methods.


Allergy test, 15 minutes, Free.- 

Are you in doubt if you can react with an allergic reaction? You can get a test where we are gluing a few single-lashes. The test should give an indication of whether you respond in 48 hours. We do not replace rocker extensions due to any allergic reactions. We will add that allergic reactions may also occur after a prolonged period of time. Allergy tests can not guarantee that you should not get allergy at all. If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend you to choose the Lash lift.

Age limit: 18 years. 

Removing Lash extensions, if you have few lashes,15 min, kr. 250,-

Removing vippee extensions, if you have many and merged lashes. 30 min, kr. 350,-

Lash Lift – The Lash lift method is a good alternative to lash extension. With LVL Lashes you can achieve a more natural and elegant look. This method highlights the lashes you already have and creates an illusion of longer and thicker lashes. LVL lash lift improves your natural lashes by straightening them instead of curling them. This treatment fits perfectly to customers who want to emphasize the lashes and islands, but who do not or can not make lash extension. Les mer

Let’s Go – Express Lash Extension  Gives you longer and thicker lashes in express speed. Let’s Go – Express Vippe Extension provides spectacular lashes in ca. 35 min, recommended by makeup artists. Makia Oslo recommends this treatment for example for a wedding, for an evening, for a special event or for photo shootings. Read more

Classic Lash Extension 1:1 method A method where one false eyelash is glued on one your own natural lash. The customer selects the length and thickness of the lashes extension to provide the desired result – whether you want dramatic eyelashes or a more natural look. Pulled eyelashes are very easy and feels like your own. The mild product used gives a sense of comfort and ensures that the application does not affect the state of the natural lashes. Les mer

XD Volume Lashes – also known as 2D/3D/4D Lash Extensions Is lighter and fuller than the classic 1: 1 method. XD Volume Lashes glue more fake eyelashes on an eyelash, which adds additional volume. This method also uses thinner and softer fake eyelashes, which feels like your own. This technique started in Russia and has taken rocket extensions to a new level. XD Volume Lashes do not damage your natural lashes. Les mer

Refills of Lashes from other salon This service includes repair of damaged previous extension and removal of bad extension (eyelashes that are hanging and unassembled) correction of shape, adaptation of extension length and weight to own natural lashes. In the case where extension from other salon is so bad that it is necessary to remove all previous lash extension, or lost on extension is more than 50%, the price applies as for a whole new set. Price for removal is included in the price. When all your previous extension is in good shape and it does not require any more work than usual, prices could be as for regular refill.

WARRANTY. In the first 5 days after your lash extesnions treatment, we will provide you with a free adjustment in case you need it. It is important that you contact us and reach the agreement within the first 5 days after the treatment. This does not apply to refills from other lounges as we can not guarantee the quality.

Makia’s guidelines for tilt extensionIt is important that you follow our guidelines that we have created. They will help you to have the most enjoyable enjoyment of your beautiful tilt extension. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to take care of your extension.. les mer her


                                 ”  Da var jeg endelig vippefin igjen!! On Wednesday, I was at Makia Health & Beauty Institute, located in Majorstuen, to get lashes again. I have previously had quite strong lashes from the very innermost to the extreme, but now I would like to go for a little more naturally, with shorter lashes at the bottom (as you see.) I’ve written a bit about tilt extensions before, but There are still many possibilities when it comes to lashes. The best thing about tilting extensions is that you do not have to use mascara, and I also drop eyeliner and eye shadow in everyday life, as I do not feel the need for it with extensions. Makia at Majorstuen Do both XD lashes / volume lashes, single lashes and Lash lift as you wish to emphasize your own lashes, but do not want Lash Extensions. They also make express lashes in the desired lingerie and shape, which only takes 30 minutes to apply and lasts for about 2 weeks before returning to remove them. This is great for you who can not sleep for a lot of hours on a bench and only want more lashes for a special occasion “


Veronica Lauritsen fra Verozitas Blog


Miss satisfied


Today I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, I’m so excited about whether the bunad will fit and how it will sit on the body after the adjustments. I sewed the bunad quite a bit to my confirmation, I inherited it from my mother, and then it had to be adapted to a body in fourteen years. The years after graduation, Little sister has borrowed it and it’s only this year I’ve really wanted to get it back and use it with pride.

1305_3-800x604 (1)

It is unbelievable how much difference it takes before and after the pictures, before the pictures I have a few lashes again after the previous treatment and it looks really terrible. (Just sat in and read for the exam, so then there are fortunately no Who have seen it). Now, on the other hand, I enjoy standing up without thinking about maskara or tired eyes.

This time I wanted a more natural result, something I absolutely think Gloria got to. She also managed to use different lengths on the lashes so she opened my eyes a little more than what I felt previous extensions did.

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Please note that this discount code does not workig to treatments with our Master Stylist Gloria





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