HVA ER LOMILOMI? Hawaiansk massasje i Oslo

“The Hawaiian People of ancient times used Lomilomi and Seawater la’au soaks as a means of healing and cleansing the mind, body and spiritual well-being of the individual.  Ancient Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa’au believed there is ‘Mana’ in every living thing, and in the Ocean (Seawater). The Kahuna Lapa’au had rituals of using the Ocean to cleanse, restore and purify Mana’o (mind), Kino (body) and Uhane (spirit). They used ocean water to Hiu’wai (cleanse) impurities of the person they were working with.

“Our Honua planet Earth is a sacred temple. Now is the time for “E Ho’ola A Lahai I Ta Pu’uwai Ola I Ta Honua” Healing the Heartbeat of our peoples and planet Earth. Now more than ever needs a center focus of Lokahi, working together in a collective effort on the part to bring in more consciousness, healing, harmony, love, laughter, happiness, light and a sense of oneness among our planet, our native peoples and all mankind.”

Ho’ola Lomilomi Lapa’au Clilnic  by Kumu Leiana’ala Brown, LMT.

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