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[/ful I recived kongelig massage from Christoph today, it’s some of the best I’ve experienced – incredibly delicious and professional – is definitely recommended !!!lwidth]

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Lashes”]Thank you again for the lashes! They are beautiful :-)
Monica Dybwad
I have been on a pregnant massage with Christoph several times. Have tried more pregnant massagers, but he is the best. He just uses the correct pressure and is confident he knows what he is doing. In addition, he is very nice. Recommended!
Naja, Prenatal Massage
The Lomi Lomi Nui massage here can not be described with words, it must be experienced and enjoyed :-)!!!!
Ane-Mette Lutro, Lomi Lomi Nui >Massage
 Hi All! I just received an incredible PeLoHa (Peace, Love & Harmony) massage from Makia – Healing Massage. I highly recommend it to everyone. It will re-energize your body, soul, and mind.
Kristina, Incredible PeLoHa
 Really good treatments and atmosphere. Strongly recommended! 🙂
Marianne, Really good treatments
Absolutely great !! Highly recommend lomi lomi massage❤️
Isabell, Fantastic
I have been a customer here for 1.5 years.. Appropriate setting, nice results and stays fine for up to 4 weeks most often. The service here is also excellent. Had lashed for over 3 years, so have tried a little different places. Makia is highly recommended!
Lene, I have beenhere for 1.5 years. Volume Lashes
I’m very happy 🙂 I took manicure and pedicure with sweet Sylvia.
Marianne, Jeg er kjempefornøyd
I fixed my nails earlier this week, great happy with results! Be right back.
Anniken Marie, About Manicure
Raluca, Lash Extension at Makia
Gloria is the best!! Fantastiske vipper!!!


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